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About us

We provide Cost Management, Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Project Monitoring, Lender’s Supervision and Construction consultancy Services to many clients throughout the Central and East European regions on projects ranging in size from US $10,000 to US $100 million.

About us
    About Us

BHP International, the Barnard Howell Partnership, is owned and managed by Alasdair Barnard and Jeremy Howell. The partners have over 50 years of experience collectively working on five continents and in some sixty countries.

Our client organisations include: political finance bodies, International Hotel chains, Hotel operators, multi-national corporations, private equity funds, private education companies, commercial development organisations and international banks and finance agencies.

One of our specialisms is hotel development. We have overseen the construction and development of multiple hotels with brands such as Hyatt Regency, Park Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hilton, Conrad, Hilton Garden Inn, Rognor, Intercontinental, Radisson and Reval. We also have extensive experience working on behalf of funding bodies such as OPIC, EBRD, IFC, Societe Generale Group, Erste Bank and Raiffeisen Bank on projects around the world.

Within the Balkans and the Eastern European region we have also worked in multiple project roles on large retail development sites, offices, factory production facilities and logistics projects, as well as project work on pharmaceutical production plants and educational establishments, including higher education, establishments.

We have built our reputations on delivering services, which comprehensively satisfy and consistently exceed our Clients' expectations. We bring tried and tested procedures to appointments but also combine this with new and innovative solutions where appropriate. We aim to be flexible to the changing requirements of a project and above all, we strive to continually improve our service and outperform the expectations of our Clients.

It is the appreciation of cost and value, together with safeguarding the design intent, which has enabled BHP International to work so effectively in the past with architects and other design team members.

We are currently operating from our principle office in Bulgaria, our office in Tbilisi, Georgia and from our representative office in the UK.

Our approach to each project is underlined by a number of key philosophies and expectations, first of which is that we select personnel who will take full ownership of a project and become the client's lead adviser, acting as the single point of contact with the design team and contractor.

We establish clear project goals at the commencement of a project based on the following:

Co-operative team working - Our role is to 'encourage the creation of value' by establishing a creative team environment and ensuring each member knows his or her responsibilities.
On time stages and completion - It is essential that designers work in recognisable stages, which culminate in a team report and client approval - short term targets are identified and achieved.
Economic construction costs - Achieving best value in relation to construction costs entails controlling the design, so that it can be cost effectively built, as well as controlling the procurement to ensure that the most suitable contractors are used.
Quality achievements - Quality standards are one of the first issues to agree with the client - these are benchmarked and costed.
Economic occupation costs - Decisions made on material selection and construction techniques affect the long term costs of running the facility - life-cycle costing and value management techniques are applied to ensure informed decisions are made.
Comprehensive end user satisfaction - The users are involved from Day One - this is fundamental to ensuring that a facility is created in such a way that it will operate to the satisfaction of the intended end user.
We believe that a number of key principles and attributes can be brought together at bhp International to achieve a successful outcome and in order to enhance the development of a project. These are:

  • Effective management, which is paramount to the provision of good cost planning and management services.
  • A successful track record of delivering large scale complex projects.
  • Extensive in depth knowledge of local planning and construction procedures.
  • Ability to advise Clients on procurement routes and selection for both consultants and contractors.
  • A much broader appreciation of "cost and value" than might historically have been required to aid the developers, "balancing" expenditure to generated land value from the site.
  • The ability to conceptualise schemes from limited information.
  • The experience to actively participate in development appraisals in order to help re-focus the team's efforts where needed.
  • We understand and integrate all the sustainability and CSR requirements of both funders and developers into our projects.
  • We know that our input in assisting with the identification of the optimum solution for a scheme may be fundamental to securing the investment and to the eventual progression of the development.
About us
We have been operating in Georgia since 2010 and after opening our office in Tbilisi Georgia in early 2014, our business in the Caucuses has gone from strength to strength.

In addition to a large number of projects within Georgia, including new build Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Restaurants and Office buildings we have also been working within the wider Caucuses region on other projects such as large Auto facility and a Hotel extension.

BHP International (Georgia) LLC is a Georgian registered company with an office in Tbilisi.

As noted above, we are currently working on a diverse range of projects throughout Georgia where we are offering all of our usual services as detailed above.

We currently have four full time professional staff, together with administrative support, in our office. This is also augmented by the monthly visits of our two partners.
    Development Management
    Project Management
    Cost Management
    Lender’s Supervision /
    Project Monitoring /
    Independent Engineer
    Property acquisition and disposal
    Sustainability advice
    Property Management

As Development Managers, we manage projects from  inception through to completion, creating a property asset along the way. We will manage both the in-house team and all third party consultants, including the negotiation of all necessary project consents. We work creatively with designers, agents and funders in order to achieve the returns that have been illustrated in the financial model.

We typically assist the client with managing the following aspects of a typical project as part of our Development Management services:

  • Establishing the Project Objectives
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Project coordination
  • Procurement consents
  • Leasing management
  • Marketing management
  • Property management
  • Reporting
  • Maintenance records
  • Insurance
  • Accounts
  • Registration of plans
  • Administrations & Secretarial Services

Our Project Management teams provide a complete Project Management service through design, construction, project close-out and into the operational phase. 

In addition to our standard services, our Project Management teams can also provide development monitoring, development management as well as technical and environmental due diligence.

Our Project Management teams come from a broad construction background, which includes Architecture, Structural Engineering, Quantity and Building Surveying. 
We typically provide a combination of the following disciplines as part of our Project Management services:

  • Employer’s representative 
  • Contract administration
  • Risk management
  • Programme management

Our Cost Management teams provide construction cost estimating, cost planning and cost management from inception through design and construction to financial close-out. 

We do not subcontract our Cost Estimating or Cost Management services. We have an extensive in-house database of historical construction and related costs, which allows us to provide accurate budgeting and estimating as part of our overall service for all development sectors (i.e. office, residential, industrial, hotel, education, healthcare, sports and leisure etc).

Our Cost Management teams are made up of individuals with the construction background in Quantity Surveying and most are Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (i.e. MRICS).

We typically provide a combination of the following disciplines as part of our Cost Management services:

  • Quantity surveying
  • Cost planning
  • Procurement advice
  • Contract advice
  • Claims advice
  • Reinstatement valuation

Our LS/PM/IE teams have a wealth of experience gained over twenty years of work on four continents in industries such as Hospitality, Office Development, Education and Retail. 

We typically provide a combination of the following disciplines as part of our Lender's Supervisor services:

  • Initial "0" or due diligence report on the Project's technical viability
  • Review of all project elements, including procurement, programming, scheduling, structure and organisation as well as the financial and legals
  • Quarterly, or monthly on larger projects, monitoring visits
  • Detailed visit reports on technical progress
  • Detailed visit reports on the financial management of the project
  • Certification for disbursement requests
  • Certification on completion of project milestones
  • Checking of snagging and punch-out lists and their rectification
  • Certification of project completion
  • Post completion monitoring of operational use and completion of outstanding works

As an adjunct to our Cost Management and LS services we are also able to provide client assistance on both acquisition and disposal of property assets. Due to our Quantity and Building Surveying backgrounds we have extensive  knowledge and experience in this area, both acting as the managers of internal client assets and whilst acting on behalf of external clients.

We typically provide a combination of the following disciplines as part of our Property Acquisition and Disposal services:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Schedules of condition
  • Schedules of dilapidations
  • Property reviews
  • BOMA Measurements

We generally assist in achieving the project sustainability aspirations and have recently been involved in several LEED and BREEAM certified projects.

We typically provide a combination of the following disciplines as part of our Sustainability advice services:

  • LEED
  • General sustainability advice

We typically provide a holistic management approach to our Property Management Services which, when combined with our Project and Cost Management expertise, allows us to provide a "One Stop Shop".

We typically provide management of the following Property, Facilities and Asset Management duties/services:

  • Acquisition and disposal 
  • Site selection
  • Relocation
  • Setting sustainability targets
  • Appointing and managing leasing agents
  • Appointing and managing architects, project and cost managers
  • Managing property and portfolio budgets
  • Lease revenue collection
  • Property financial management
  • Maintenance management
  • Management of service providers
  • Health and safety compliance for the building assets
Environmental Statement

BHP International has made a strong commitment to environmental best practice and the prevention of pollution in office management and general operations associated with our professional activities. Through a process of continual improvement, BHP International aims to be a leader in environmental practices, providing a role model for others to follow.

Through a philosophy of Reduce - Reuse - Recycle the company will: 

  • Incorporate environmental management considerations into its core business plans and management practices, including the design, construction, fit-out and ongoing operation of facilities; 
  • As a minimum, comply with applicable legal requirements, relevant Government policies and their environmental management plans; 
  • Actively promote and encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practices and operations within the development and where possible the general community; 
  • Identify and manage its environmental footprint, and the associated risks and opportunities; 
  • Seek to minimise its waste-to-landfill, greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of power, water and natural resources, whilst maximising our positive environmental benefits by employing environmental considerations in purchasing decisions and continue to identify new areas for improved performance; 
  • Work closely with its employees, clients, suppliers and stakeholders to continually refine its work practices and operations; 
  • Regularly monitor and report on its environmental performance; 


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